Film Notes

We are One

We drove a long way today on roads more frequented by sheep than cars. We went to follow a young Israeli artist Li Lorian as she gathered photos for her work. She goes as often as she can to be present with a family of Palestinians that farm this land. She knows they are afraid of Israelis, the soldiers, the settlers. 
The people, like the land can be rough dry and brittle. She comes here so they know that Israelis are people too not just soldiers.

We Are One IMG 2167

I met an Israeli soldier the other day during a protest. In truth, I was filming from atop a rock pile and fell into him and a few of the protesters. He was young and stone faced. When I tried to get up it was his hand on one side and a Palestinian under my arm that lifted me back on my feet. They brushed me off and checked the cut on my leg. The commander ran up yelling “no violence, no violence, he just fell”. We all went back to our asigned roles.

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